Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kaiser 5K

Man, I really need a pedicure. As in, I need to strip off the peeling pink polish and upgrade to something else. Maybe turquoise. Or silver.

I notice my toes after taking off my shoes after my latest race. Did I tell you I was running a new race? If not, surprise! If I did then...not a surprise!!!

Today was the Kaiser 5K (and half-marathon, but you know what to do if I sign up for a half-marathon). Two friends were running with the goal of finishing under 30 minutes. My goal was under 39. Two reasons for this-haven't run in a 5K since August, and I have no idea what my running pace is. I run for distance, not time.

Here's a short comparison between the first race and the third:

Race 1 (Giants 5K- 3.1 miles) Race 3 (Kaiser 5K -3.2 miles)
Family watching No family watching
Didn't know people at the start Met up with friends, ran into another friend (surprise!)
Flat course Gentle uphill and down (mostly down)
Time: 37:26 Time: 36:03
Exhausted at end Pushed hard early, exhausted at the end (thought about walking, didn't do it)

Oh, and the lady who was speed walking the course who was ahead of me for the whole race? I passed her in the last 1/3 mile and beat her.

For those keeping track-shaved 1:23 off my overall time. With an extra 0.1 mile added in.

Feeling pretty darn good.