Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bridge to Bridge

The part of me that feels good when I participate in community activities wants to talk about Special Olympics, and how awesome the organization is. It would be amazing to say that I participated in the run today purely to support them.

But, that would be extending the truth, A LOT.

Really, I ran for a much more selfish reason.

To prove I could do it.

Guess what? I did!

Due to some major Muni issues (three busses disappeared off the map) and my car being in the shop, I almost didn't make the race. Luckily, a very round-about route was available. Seeing other runners on the bus was cool-some had the shoe chips on, some had their bibs pinned to their shirts. We broke through the fog and reached the sunny, humid starting line.

Oh, you know that hill? The one at Fort Mason? A city block length at 30% grade.

Nailed it. Jogged (slowly) the whole way. Passed people who started walking.

In fact, I made the whole distance without stopping.

(I am very proud of this. This is why I'm telling you. It was hard, I was worried about it, and I did something I didn't know I could do.)

That seems to be my personal theme this year. Doing things I didn't know I was capable of. The experience is both educational and awesome.

Pictures, if possible, will be posted as soon as I find them.

Anyone want to find a 5K to run in early November? I want to work on speed next....

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