Wednesday, March 30, 2011

End of Week 1

Just a quick check-in between sketch rehearsal and bedtime. On an unrelated note (to the point of this blog), all sketches which are cumbersome to read aloud should be read backward. As in each word in the sentence is read backward. It's hilarious!

Ok, here's the status. I'd like to say I hit my goal of 6 workouts last week, but I didn't. I did get 4 days of exercise in, primarily on my little circuit. Thanks to Anne and Sparks for the lunge corrections-my knee feels much better. Due in part to the first mostly unscheduled weekend in the last three months, I did my fair share of sitting on the couch and watching movies/reading books. And the weather. Yeah. That stopped me from going out for a walk on Friday night. Not because I got home at 9 and was exhausted and went to bed early...

This week is off to a great start-circut Monday and the last of the dance classes Tuesday. Tomorrow, I'll need to exercise after dinner with Edna-she always suggests delightful places with delicious food. Translation-I may feel full, but I'll suck it up to get the workout done.

A few thoughts along the way....

I'm not a doctor, though I played one in high school. But if I was a doctor, I'd prescribe an hour of sunlight for everyone in Northern California.
The blooming crocus by my bed makes my entire room smell deliciously perfumed.
Counting reps out loud makes them easier.
Flutter kicks are hard to keep going.
Burlesque chest.

TTFN. Ta Ta For Now.

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