Sunday, March 20, 2011

I bet you didn't expect to see this again!

8 months and 7 days since my last post. I reread the entries about the Avon Breast Cancer Walk and was reflecting on the changes I've made in myself since then. Some of those changes are small-I drink water during the day, drink soda only occasionally, smile at people as they walk through the neighborhood, those sorts of things. Other changes are related to expectations. 10 mile walks are perfectly reasonable as long as there are no stairs. My body tells me that I need to go out and work muscles and I listen. Committing to large challenges, while scary, is an opportunity to prove to myself how strong a woman I am.

So why start blogging again? A few reasons. One goal I haven't met was to continue walking. Joining the walk was one way to engage in regular exercise. I felt better, stress levels were lower, all those good reasons to exercise applied to me. Now my walking is sporadic. At best I get in one weeknight walk (as opposed to the four a week during training). Weekend walks are great when they happen, but they don't happen every weekend. Since goal-driven behaviors are the most likely to succeed (just put on the psych hat), I know I will get back into regular exercise with a specific goal. I'm hoping this blog will help me stay true to that goal. Guess I should set one...

Another reason to re-start blogging is that some of you have asked for me to continue writing about my experiences. I can't say the masses demanded kristinaswalking resurrection; I can say a friend or two asked if I would keep blogging. Poor grammar, run on sentences, and random observations seem to work for those friends. In all seriousness, blogging is an interesting medium. There's a fine line between journaling and divulging personal information on the internet. For example, I've recently joined a dance class which I am happy to discuss off-line, but won't post information on-line. I realize I'm rather conservative about which information I will share in a public forum, as privacy issues may have unintended outcomes. So if something I write about seems vague, or you suspect there is more to the story, that may be the case. Just ask! You know I'm always willing to talk about the events in my life.

The last reason is more personal. We'll call it finding my voice. Recently I had an experience where I exercised my voice in a way I didn't believe myself capable of. Advocating for others has aways been a passion of mine. Advocating for myself has been a challenge. I'm proud of myself for being clear about what I wanted and needed. I have no regrets for my handling of that situation. In part because I acted with integrity, but in the broader sense because I found and used my voice. So here is a way for me to practice using that voice.

Today is the warm-up. I have made a real goal: By Tuesday at 10 pm I will post a work out schedule for the week. If you have read this far, your thoughts and feedback is valued.

And now to post this in the ether.

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