Sunday, September 25, 2011

4.5 Miles!

That 4 Step plan I posted last week? Guess what. I mostly followed my own plan.

Step 1 ---> Run 3x week. Check. Still two of those days are weekend days, but it's still 3 days in a week! And went for a walk on Tuesday. So that counts as exercise.

Step 2 --->Increase Distance. Did a run 4.25 miles last week. Today, see headline.

Step 3 ---> Incorporate a few hills. Check. Today, I took that hilly route, the longer version. For the FIRST TIME EVER I made it up the hills without stopping. That does mean the pace was slow. The only people who didn't pass me were the walkers. BUT I DID IT!!

Step 4 ---> Dry Run. Still planning on it. Aiming for this week.

Today's run suffered a slight rain delay. Once that was over, I set out. That route you've heard me mention, the one with the darn hill? You know, moan, grouse, complain. This time I slowed it down. Seriously slowed it down. Down the hill, hardly lost my breath. Up the hill, moan, grouse, complain. It was hard. It was foggy. It was humid. I still finished.

The reason why I need to hit 4.5 miles is pretty simple. My race bib arrived in the mail, along with a race pamphlet. Turns out the course is 4.5 miles, not 4.3. So I need to keep the distance going.

Again, I say I'm training for anything longer then a 5K, please remember to talk me out of it. :p

Anyone want to go for a run this week?

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