Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday jog

I love the fog. It keeps things cool and I don't sweat like a pig (yes, I know pigs don't sweat-that's why they wallow). There's a beauty to jogging through a puff of cloud to come out on the other side.

I love the park. It's full of beautiful plants. The people are generally nice, even if they do walk in the middle of the path and I have to jog around them on the hole-y grass. Lots to see, interesting people to watch.

I don't love the part of the park that meets the Haight. Today I jogged past a man who was rolling a joint (not a big deal) who smelled like feces. That always ruins that part of the city for me.

Such a comfortable jaunt, I kept going. And going. And somehow ended up jogging almost 4 miles.

That bodes well for the 7K I'm looking at for Oct. 2. Anyone out there want a jogging partner who is running a little over 12 minute miles?

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