Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bridge to Bridge Training

The Bridge to Bridge is coming up in a few weeks. That means I need to get to 4.33 miles of distance with two notable hills. The Fort Mason monstrosity and then the hill at the end of the race into the Presidio.

Of course I have a plan.

Step 1: Keep jogging at least 3 days a week. ---> I'm just barely making this one. Weekend runs are easy, weekday runs require more planning ahead. This week, I hit 3, though two of the runs are Sunday and Saturday.

Step 2: Increase distance. ----> Today I hit 3.75 miles of sunny City jogging! The secret is that I'm going just a tad slower then before. This eliminates gasping for breath at the end of the run.

Step 3: Incorporate a few hills. ---> Working on it. That loop with the hills at the end is still beating me. The incline I can handle, it's the steepness at the end that currently conquers me.

Step 4: Dry run the week before. ---> Anyone want to meet at the Ferry Building on the 29th for a dry run? I figure if I can do the run a few days before the race, I can do it day of.

This is a foolproof plan. It incorporates realistic goals and several steps are currently in place. All I have to do is stick with it. Which is the downfall of every plan ever invented-sticking too it. :)

On a side note, I've been pontificating the Couch to 5K program lately. For those who are interested, here are the links to the program, and another to the podcast that I relied on to get myself going. Both are easier then I expected, and it doesn't take that much time.

Shout out to Pam for the lovely compliment at the end of a long work week. Thanks, Pam!

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