Sunday, August 28, 2011

Plate to Plate 5K!!!!

Are you there god?

It's me, Kristina.

Guess what I did today? i finished my first EVER 5K run!

Go ahead. Tell me how awesome I am.

A few people deserve a lot of credit:
1. Everyone on FB who suggested the Couch to 5K training program. Cass, Mary C., Jannie, LIZ, Jeka, Super Char, Jeanne, and Jamie.
2. Amanda P. for her unwavering support and remembering to check-in pre- and post- race.
3. Mom, who came to the CIty to stay for the night and come to the race in the morning.
3. Scotty, who loves me no matter what. He's my brother, he has too.
4. Eric. Ditto.
5. My co-workers who made sure I knew I was supported.
6. Everyone who takes the time to read these posts, even if they don't care that much.

Some highlights:
-Mer joining me to jog most of the way
-Foggy weather to keep it cool
-Finishing in right field where homeruns from the other team are stopped.
-Finishing the race in UNDER 40 minutes!!!! (P.S. Thanks, Mer)
-Walking past the dugout to see where the Giants players hang out
-Getting my Safeway bag, getting some bananas, then literally slipping on someone else's banana to fall. I slipped and fell on a banana. Let the jokes begin.
-Seeing Mom and Scott after I got to where the were in the park.
-The surprising and immense satisfaction of completing and meeting a goal.

I am so proud of myself.

Feel free to feel the same.

With sincerity, this was a long process, and took more from me then I thought. It also took less stress and work then I thought. For the present all I can say is, wow.

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