Monday, August 8, 2011

Easier route

Running in circles is boring. Even if you get to run around a beautiful lake and kick at (not kick, kick at) pigeons. Even the turtles trying to sun on the submerged logs have their charm.

Running up hill at the end of a run is hard. Even if I get hit by sprinklers and accomplish something difficult. It's hard.

Running a route with fewer uphills, all of which are in the first mile, is better. Getting on paths big enough to pass tourists is better. Getting out of the park, if only for a few blocks, is better. So this new route seems to be the new favorite. Even in the wind (into the wind, uphill both ways-Dad) didn't slow me down.

Sounds like I found my new 3 mile route!

Oh, and if you notice the ending location is not where I started, that's because I needed to get a few things at the grocery store. Who wants cranberry oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies? Next goal-better then Hot Cookie.

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