Saturday, August 20, 2011


I can jog three miles. I can jog three miles.

Unless that jogging takes me off-track. Then it's a whole different kettle of monkeys.

Today was the last class in the neuropsych series...child assessment...psychosis stories...lady who always had a story to share...done! Left Bezerkeley for Lake Merritt. Lake Merritt is a three-mile loop that smells funny but is pretty flat. Plan was go for a run, then head to Pippinland for some chattin' and grubbin' and baby-huggin'.

About a quarter of a mile in, the path goes from paved to unpaved. Unpaved looks like lots of rocks poking out at odd angles, loose pebbles, and the odd root. You can guess what happened. My toe caught a rock, and....I tripped. Fell forward. Rolled onto my back.

The nicest guy stopped his jog to make sure I was ok. Two other people asked if I was hurt badly. Those people restored my faith in humanity.

Assessment of injuries:
-Left Palm: Scrapes
-Right Palm: Small laceration, 1 embedded pebble, scrapes next to the (healing) wasp sting.
-Left Elbow: Surface scrapes, no blood.
-Left Knee: Scrapes with seeping blood, bruise/swelling under the kneecap.
-Left Shin: Road-rash from knee to half-way down the leg.

Knee is the worst in terms of depth of laceration and pain. Having a hard time straightening the leg. But the injury is only a few hours old, so there's time.

What did I do after this spill? I did what any athlete would do-had the guy help me up, walk it off for a bit, and keep jogging. See attached map for how far I got....

The odd thing is this-the jogging didn't feel great, but it didn't hurt that horribly. Until I stopped running. That's when the pain set in. Pounding pain that shot through my leg and prevented me from walking without a limp. I'm not ashamed to admit i teared up. It hurt that much.

Thank goodness for the Pippins! I went to my friend's house, and they had the apoco-kit of injury treatment. I got things cleaned up well enough to dress. Then took a shower when I got home, swore like a sailor, and poured on the hydrogen peroxide. Two words: OH F*&^*!!!

Now I have painkiller and ice incorporated into the treatment regime.

Wish me luck with healing. The 5K is a week from today. Got the bib in the mail this week. Like I said, don't care about the time, just want to finish.

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