Thursday, August 4, 2011

Miss me?

I'm baaack!

It has been a while since I've blogged about the running process For those who have sent the love and support about the last post-YOU ROCK! That new swimsuit has now swum in the Sea of Corez and provided some lovely tan lines. For the record-yes, I did get a sun burn; Yes, it is almost done peeling.

The Couch to 5K program is complete! After thinking things over, I did move on to the 9th week run. I was jogging 2.75 miles on my little hilly route in 30 minutes. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. With the trip to Mexico, the plan was to take the week off.

Now, there are a few reasons for taking the week off. One-it's vacation. Two-the weather was quite warm. Not quite warm. Crazy hot. Insanely hot. Melt-your-face hot. 100*+ during the day, and in the 80s after 9 pm. Past experience with hot day jogs convinced me I would die. As in drop from heat exhaustion. And margaritas are better at night.

SIDEBAR: Came up with a way to make money. Take a bunch of people into the ocean at about torso-deep. Have them stand in one location without using their arms for an hour. Call it a core workout. Float out some music and change position every 90 seconds to keep it interesting. You know people would pay a lot of money for an "Ocean Core Workout". We could even make a video! Try it-it's harder then you think.

Looking forward to getting home and resuming exercise. The heat slows me down and lack of sustained exercise was making me feel lazy. Relaxed (hard to not be) from the slow pace of life. See the above picture for one of the beaches we spent time at.

The trip home was reminiscent of the trip to Greece (see-"How I made 3 out of 8 flights" in the History of Kristina). Late bus, no one spoke English, I didn't speak enough Spanish to understand anything, bus broke down, nice gentleman who gave me a ride from the bus stop to the airport, and making the plane because it was already delayed. The usual.

Got on the plane. Than it hit.

Food poisoning.

Worst places to get food poisoning-confined spaces (like an airplane), lack of access to a bathroom (like when taking off or landing), when you smell everyone eating food (like the start of the flight). Suffice to say I was glad to get home, cried through the night, didn't sleep well, and got a good core workout.

No run on Tuesday. Or Wednesday.

But Thursday, first run back!

Only did 2 miles. (Pshaw. Listen to me: "Only 2 miles". Who am I?)

Mile 1 was pretty comfortable. A few stitches in the side as I went, got pretty sweaty, and by the end I wanted to keep going. (Ha ha ha. "Wanted to keep going." Stop. I'm killing me!) Glad I stopped when I did. My hand was shaking as I held my glass of water. Guess I need to eat things other then saltines and Gatorade.

Next goal-3 whole miles on a flat course.

The Plate to Plate 5K is in 3 weeks! Look out for the countdown...

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  1. goodness, girl! glad you made it through that flight.