Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 2

Yeah! I made it to week 2!

So here's the crazy thing. On the last day of week 1, I started jogging before the cue to start. Then I felt like I could keep going even though it was time to walk.

What? Right.

Amazeballs. (That's for Kat).

So today was the first walkjog of week 2. 90 seconds of jogging with 2 minutes of walking. Sounds simple enough. The challenge is not jogging too fast. I noticed I was running out of breath on the second of the jogs, so I slowed down just a bit, which helped. Anyone got any suggestions on breathing while jogging?

On the plus side, I feel great. I'm sleeping well, sugar cravings are dropping (though not gone), and the muscles in my glute are strengthening.

Every City day should be like this one. Right now there's a breeze, puffy clouds have flown over all day, and the sun has shone without reserve. What a lovely Sunday.

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