Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is a whiney post. Feel free to skip it if that drives you crazy.

After a lovely weekend camping with a group of friends, I am home. Today is a furlough day. I slept in, did laundry, convinced my cat she is loved, and have generally been productive.

The problem: it's raining.

Pants are not water proof, nor water resistant. My one rain jacket (who needs more than one?) gets too warm when I exercise. My hair is already frizzy from the humidity, and jogging in the rain isn't going to help that.

I just don't want to start the Week 4 workout.

The jogging bits are getting longer. Two rounds of 5 minutes of jogging, with some shorter jogging bits in the middle. While this is the point to getting up to 5K distance, it sounds long. Like a much bigger leap then last week's workout.

Here's the other part. Did the math. The Couch to 5K program is designed for people who can jog a 10 minute mile. That yields 30 minutes of jogging, which is the goal of the program.

10 minute miles are not going to happen at this point. So far, my best calculation is at 12 minute miles by the end of the training. That isn't going to get me to Home Plate in 30 minutes. My worry is that I'm going to have to add another module into the training to increase my jogging time to complete the 5K. Meaning I will have to jog faster (which seems difficult from this perspective) or spend the last few weeks increasing my distance until I can complete 3.1 miles.

Ok, looking at it that way it doesn't sound as bad as it did in my head at the laundromat this morning. 12 minute miles x 3.1 miles = 37.5 minutes. So I add 7 more minutes of jogging time. I'd Blame It on the Rain (yeah, yeah). I'll blame it on whatever situation sounds the most likely to need the blame.

In actuality it's my optimism that needs a shot in the arm.

Anyone got a shot of sunshine to share?

Guess I should hit the road, even though I don't want to.

It feels better after I'm done, right?

(As of 4:33 pm, yes, it does feel better after I'm done. I jogged 16 minutes total today! That may be the most jogging I've ever completed.)

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