Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 3? Check.

Have Friday off. Leaving for a camping trip in a little while. What am I going to do? Better get my last walk/jog in for the week!

On Wednesday, I took my workout outfit to work and walk/jogged through the neighborhood. Forgot to bring socks (nuts!) so went without. Found a few spots on the arch of my shoe that rub, and learned a valuable lesson about why socks were invented. Anyone on the entire planet who jogs in shoes without socks is nuts. Declarative statement. Of course, I could just have shoes that require socks.

Learned something else on this week-o-walk/jogging (don't feel like I get to call it actual jogging, yet). Pacing. I kept starting out too fast and then I'd be tired and sweaty. So I'm keeping myself to penguin rates and ignoring the other people who go faster then me. Good thing I haven't gotten passed up by any of the older people who circle the lake in my neighborhood.

Two sets of canadian geese families are living by the lake. The older goslings have just molted their baby feathers and are growing their juvenile set. The baby ones still have baby feathers and are the size of the mallards who hang out nearby. The misting rain that started at the end of my walk/jog doesn't feel like spring, but Mother Nature keeps putting spring out there.

I'm off for a camping trip, so I'll see you all next week. Week 4 is a bit intimidating, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it!

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