Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 1

Hi friends. I've just committed to an event that is beyond anything I've ever done before. The Avon Breast Cancer Walk will take place July 10th and 11th of this summer. Day 1 is a full marathon-26.2 miles to complete. Day 2 is a mere 13.1 miles. For those non-math people (hello, fellow psychs!) that totals over 39 miles in two days.

Those that know me may be thinking, "Kristina, you are so active. I can't even get you on my calendar! How are you going to find the time/what did you get yourself in to?"

I asked myself the same questions. Particularly the latter.

Two answers keep reappearing.

1. The time will come and other commitments may take a temporary back seat. Part of this is a lesson to myself in prioritizing health.

2. I take on challenges all the time without a clearly defined ending point. This challenge has clear goals and is easy to measure progress.

Several survivors are included in my thoughts as I work toward the fundraising aspect of this event. I've lost two family members to the effects of lung cancer, and have seen the horrible deterioration that cancer ravages on the human body. As we age, more friends will find lumps, go through the agony of diagnosis, and (hopefully) pull through the treatment process. This is why I committed to fundraising.

The walk itself is more self-involved. It is time for me to evaluate my physical health and make changes that will keep me strong as I move through life. Increasing cardiovascular health and muscular fitness was my New Year's resolution. To date, my progress in that area has been minimal. I will be more successful with a clear goal and support from my friends and family.

The content of this blog (from here out) will primarily be tracking progress. Since I live in San Fran, you know there will be some interesting sights along the way. Got a suggestion for a place to walk? I'll take it. Feel like coming along sometime? Tell me when you are free. Think I'm nuts? Well, I'll give you that one.

Now I'm off for my first day of walking training. Current goal: 2.5 miles. A giant square: up 18th, down Noriega, down 26th, and Lincoln way to home.

Keep checking back and wish me luck!


  1. Hi Kristina! I'm excited to follow your blog -- sounds like you have a big adventure ahead of you. And nice work for taking on such a difficult yet powerful challenge! You are inspiring! :) Alix

  2. Yay for setting yourself as a priority. Count me in on those training walks....even the crazy 10+ milers.... I promise not to walk in front of you but besides you the whole way through.

    Big hug.