Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walks 3 and 4

My friends are amazing. As soon as I put this challenge out on the world wide webs, friends started volunteering their services. One foodie friend is offering snacking and meal advice. A student at one of my school sites has offered to help with fundraising. His mom is a survivor. Four friends have already scheduled themselves for a walk. One even sacrificed her knee to the cause. Martyrdom suits her.

To those providing cheerleading support, thanks. You are officially charged with telling me to suck it up if I get burned out or "don't have enough time to train". (Yes, you can check on my honesty of walking distance and frequency.)

Walks 3 and 4 are a bit contradictory. Both involved walking on trails along the water (Land's End on Saturday and Bay Coastal Trail on Sunday) followed by a meal. I'm pretty sure the Land's End caloric burn was cancelled out by half a BBQ burger and beer at Park Chalet. The good news is that despite our best efforts, no new casualties. Ka Yun and I were joking that given my history of unfortunate accidents (see: first day of high school, college orientation, 4th grade ice skating) it's nice that my friends are willing to put their safety on the line. I promise I'm not a jinx.

The training schedule is taped to my wall. I think I'll have to adjust my walking days a bit. Tuesday and Thursday are 3-4 mile days. The kicker is I signed up for a sketch comedy acting class that starts in April and will take place on Thursdays. SO excited for the class-it's been almost 5 years since Your Logo Here (who remembers improv shows at the coffee shop?). The schedule involves progressively longer walks for the next 16 Saturdays. Suggestions for walks over 10 miles are appreciated. Same with music.

Oh, this just in! First donation has been made! Thanks to my first donor.

Mondays are "recovery" days- 15 to 30 minutes to keep the muscles limber. That's easy enough to fit in. Until the next, thanks for reading.

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