Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walk 2

Distance: about 4 1/3 miles
Time: Sunset. Somewhere between one and two hours.
With: Sean and Charlotte

Notable moment: The first causality occurred on today's walk. We were looping around the back side of the Park Chalet (no stopping for beer this time). Charlotte, whose ankle has recently healed, stepped on a rock and fell forward. She caught herself with her hands. The ankle was twisted, but not injured. The other ankle also twisted, though walkable.

Her knee was a sight to behold. She landed on rock that appeared to dent the skin about an inch in length. As she recovered, and we began walking, the knee started to seep out blood. By the time we got back to the house, Charlotte was no longer bleeding. She is going to sport a nice bruise and has some swelling.

Thanks, Char, for taking one for the team. I was hoping the first injury wouldn't occur for a while, and assumed it would be me. Heal quickly.

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