Saturday, April 17, 2010

10 miles!

Three things I learned on the first 10 mile walk of my life.

1. Start early. People who organize things will bring you coffee and bagels. Better to eat on your own, but the coffee helped with the energy to start.

2. It's better with people. I met some nice people to walk with. A mother-daughter pair did the last 5 miles with me, making the end of the walk go much faster.

3. Do it pretty. We started in the Presidio, went up the hill, down Arguello, and into Golden Gate Park. Then we had a restroom break and headed back. The weather was clear and the air was warm. It is a perfect San Francisco day.

Tomorrow is a "little" 6 miles. Next weekend is a reduced load, (5 and 3 miles), then the big walks start to kick in.

All that, and I don't need a nap.

Lunch will be great.

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