Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Buddy

I made a new friend on today's walk. It wasn't deliberate. My friend Sean brought him along. My new friend fit right in.

It was a lovely walk. The rain stopped for awhile this evening. Sean brought Carlos over. After a detour to the library, we walked into the park. Wind was cold and blowy. My face went numb by the time we got to the Bison Paddock.

Carlos kept my heart warm.

He is curious about the natural world. Carlos stopped along the way to inspect gopher holes. He said hi to some of the people we passed.

It's the peeing on the trees that gives Carlos away. As if you couldn't guess. My friends are too smart to be fooled by deliberate misinformation.

Gotta get in a quick 4 miles tomorrow before sketch class. Then, the big weekend walks start. Saturday is 12 miles (going solo). Sunday is 6 miles (thanks for the company, Ka Yun).

Anyone want to join me for part of the long walk (Saturdays get longer until I hit 17 miles on the 23rd), let me know! I'd be happy to have you join me for a few miles.

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