Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Getting Better All the Time.

Three things to celebrate!

1. One day of work until Spring Break. It promises to be a busy, crazy day, but it is only one.

2. Visiting my dear friend Alison (and her fantastic husband David) near Boston next week. The internal jukebox is playing "Think I'll go to Boston". (No I'm not singing it aloud.) Weather is supposed to clear, and I've been promised very little to no flooding.

3. You all received my fundraising emails, and I've received over $100 in the last 36 hours. Officially, I've raised 14% toward my goal of $1800. Thanks to all who are able to donate, and to those helping in other ways.

Today's walk was just around the neighborhood-a quick 3 miles in about 50 minutes. Hear that Patty? (I got a little grief on how slow the first few walks were. Good to know I'm improving.)

I'll need to keep 3 miles per hour pace on the day of the walk. Let's do the math real quick- 3 miles an hour at 26.2 miles is at least 8.7333-or 8 hours, 45ish minutes-of just walking.


Did I just sign up to spend more time walking then a typical work day? I may have to rethink the tent sleeping scenario. Even my ThermaRest might not be enough to recover in peaceful slumber.

Guess I'll have to find out!

Coming up on Saturday-the first walk over 5 miles (it's 6). Got a friend helping out on the route (right Char?). Otherwise, I found a great route through the park. Advantage: starts and ends at my house, so I can come home and nap.

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