Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Auntie K's Tale

Gather around, little ones. Aunt K is going to tell you a story. This story really happened to Aunt K. (Sarah, please stop poking your brother.) No, this is not the story of Aunt K getting kicked out of Disneyland. You heard it yesterday. (George, honey, boogers are for flicking, not eating.)

On Aunt K's first day of high school, she was so excited. She woke up early. She put on her favorite pair of jeans and her pretty new shirt. Since high school was too far to walk, Aunt K rode her bike. Aunt K knew how to get there-down the road, take the bike path, and end up at school. What Aunt K didn't know (George, flick) was that she could lock her bike in the back of school, closer to her locker and without having to go around to the front.

Kids, I made a reenactment of that day. (Who can explain reenactment? No, Sarah. It's not about acting out a wee.)

Here is the picture* of me riding to school:

Now I didn't know how to get to the bike cage. Aunt K decided to ride down the driveway. The only problem with that was no other people were riding their bikes on the driveway. Aunt K didn't know what to think. While she was looking around, she rode over speed bumps. On the third speed bump in, Aunt K had a problem.

Aunt K fell off her bike. Hard.

She fell on her knee. This was very painful.

Luckily, people stopped. A friend took Aunt K's bike into the bike cage. Another person helped her into the office for an ice pack. In the office, her neighbor called her house. Great-Uncle Wes (no, he doesn't smell funny. He just eats a lot of peanuts) came and took Aunt K to the doctor. She had a bad bruise and had to use crutches to walk for 2 weeks. Aunt K even missed two weeks of swim practice, having to wait until the swelling went down in her knee before she could go into the water.

Why is Aunt K telling you this story now? To show you that given her history of silly injuries (Sarah, hurting yourself during line dancing doesn't make you retarded. The word is ridiculous.) Aunt K is somewhat surprised she is still walking this far into her training.

And walking she is. Aunt K missed Monday and Tuesday, and managed to squeeze in a quick 2.7 miles in Lafayette after a long meeting today. There's a real question about her ability to fit in any walk tomorrow-late meeting and starting a class after work. So Aunt K needs a swift kick in the patooty to remind her that this is a priority.

Alright kids. Let's go find some swings.

*Not actual bike, speed bump, or physical location. In fact, these pictures are from the opposite side of the country. No animals or people were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

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