Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking through Marlborough

Best cross-country trip in the past 9 months! I made each flight, and landed nearly on-time. Yeah!

Today's walk is a little different. I'm on the east coast, in Marlborough outside of Boston. (Hey stalkers-don't get too excited. People live in my house when I'm not there.)

Total distance via 3.27 miles
Total time: 60 minutes

Interesting sights: There are a lot of individual war memorials in the 4 blocks of downtown Marlborough. Every block or so it seems there is a mini-park (think parklet size) with a bronze figure. Houses are clapboard on the outside, with lovely details in the buildings. The businesses are local-type: a realtor, some pizza places, a Thai restaurant, local police station. A few empty storefronts, but not enough to make it feel abandoned. This is a nice town. People all shared a hello as I walked by, though I noticed I was a bit younger then the average pedestrian. Of course, it is Wednesday during working hours.

Another interest I have is in old graveyards. I find walking through and reading about the people who lived in a community fascinating. You can learn about families, life expectancy, poetry, and expectations. Grabbing the camera for some exploring is next on the list. That or enjoying the A/C and watching the Big Lebowski.

Tomorrow and Friday I am will take the weekend's prescribed walks. That's 8 miles and 5 miles. 5 miles doesn't sound so long. 8 miles sounds far. Alison is loaning me her car tomorrow, so the plan is to research some hikes in the area and have an adventure.

Hello, Massachusettes! Glad to be here.

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