Sunday, May 23, 2010

17 Mile Saturday

After a week (yes folks, a whole week) of not walking, I'm out for a new record-setting walk. 17 miles ain't just a drive in Carmel.

Today was part of a training walk set up by the Avon Walk group. They call it a "Route Preview Day", meaning part of the route is, well, you get it. I signed up with the understanding the walk was only 13 miles, and knowing on my training schedule was 17 miles. So I started from my house, walked up to Sports Basement in the Presidio, then headed out with the second group.

Mer-thanks for the Nuun idea. I bought a tube before setting off, and it helped. The fingers were thick by the end of the day, but not so bad as it's been.

The link to the route is on the title. I made friends with a lady on the trail, and we walked the route together. My stamina was better, which helped her keep going for the last few miles. My hips are doing better and were still tight by the end.

Oh, and that was the first time in my memory I've ever walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The best part- the massage at National Holistic Institute ( at the end of the walk. The guy who did my massage had helped out at the Escape from Alcatraz a few weeks prior. My thighs were worked so well, I almost fell asleep. Heaven!

Tomorrow: 8 miles, then a trip south for a bridal shower.

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