Thursday, June 9, 2011

8 minute Intervals!

Ok, so here's what happens week 5. There are 3 different runs. The first has 5 minute jogs with 3 minute walks between. The second (finished it yesterday!) has 8 minute jogs with 5 minutes walk in between.

Here's what I learned on that jog.

Leaving one of my schools, I headed down the street toward the path that follows a canal. It's a prettyish spot, flat, and has wide paths which are great for jogging. Jogging for 8 minutes got a little boring. It wasn't difficult, at least, not in the sense that I was unable to do it. Even with music, I didn't shut down my brain and I got bored.

Now, I'm hoping this was a fluke, or reflection on it being the first warm day and nearing the end of the school year (what exactly do I need to finish before taking off for the summer?). I did get a bit of a side stitch, which gave me something to think about. After checking my distance, I noticed I went further then anticipated. The distance does include the warm-up and cool-down 5 minute walks.

Tomorrow is a full 20 minute jog. It's supposed to be 2 full miles, though I'm sure I won't get that far. Then comes the choice-do I jog for time or for distance? Since I built in extra training time, I think I'll focus on the time rather then distance for now. I can always add in distance as I go.

Half-way through the Couch to 5K program! Pretty exciting to think I'm getting there.

Ok, off to tune my new Uke.

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