Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 5? What week 5?

Newsflash! Kristina just completed a full, nonstop, 20 minute jog!!!!

It was a breezy though sunny Friday. The students had finished school. Kristina attended a staff lunch and (didn't) leave work early to get home around traffic. Following a lie-down and reading a bit of her book, Kristina pulled out her running clothes. Donning said clothes, she headed onto the street.

A five-minute warm-up walk got Kristina to Stow Lake. Stow Lake is preferred jogging area, as the path is wide enough to accommodate passing wandering tourists and flat. Notable items at this time are the goslings which are growing their juvenille feathers and have begun swimming on the lake.

She began jogging by the Strawberry Hill bridge. Pace was somewhat slow though several walkers were passed. Only one other jogger passed Kristina early on. This did not discourage her and she continued to practice breathing while jogging. She only slightly regretted eating a snack before heading out.

By the end of the jog, the only notable soreness was in her glutes. When interviewed, Kristina reported, "I'm really proud of myself. This is the furthest and the longest I have ever run in my life. It wasn't quite two miles, but it was a lot closer then I thought it would be. I think I can actually get up to 5K by the race!"

Chloe, Kristina's furry cat companion, reported, "Purr. Puuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Meow." Roughly translated, this means "OK, you're back. Where's my dinner?"

Next on Kristina's weekend agenda is a comedy show, Meet-Up event, dinner with a friend, and a day of reading outside. You can always offer her words of encouragement on this post or by following her at her blog:

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