Wednesday, June 15, 2011

90 degree jogging

The plan was to wake up early, go for my jog/walk, then shower and go to work. Setting the alarm clock for 5:30, I tallied off to sleep last night.

Unfortunately, the alarm was set for 5:30 pm.

Waking up at a quarter after 6, I got ready for my day and headed into the heat of the East Bay. There were a few social engagements after work-a retirement party for a woman I adore, and a BBQ with a staff I will miss. Luckily, I was able to get out of work at a reasonable time. Took my gear, changed at work, then headed to a friend's house to take my jog.

Let me tell you what a 90 degree afternoon feels like in Concord. It's discreet. You may assume 90 is an obvious heat, but once you are in it, particularly after the cold and rain of the previous month, it's hard to tell just how warm it is. The skin heats. Feet feel the radiant heat through shoes. Sweat pours from the skin and drenches the body.

That's after just 2 of the 5 minute warm-up walk.

A bit dramatic? Sure. But it was hot enough that I felt the need to walk a few steps as I went. Biggest challenge? Hill at the end of the second 10 minute jog. I kept needing to walk up the hill, but I made myself jog all the way down.

Remember that part about hating to sweat? Yeah. I sweated. It was gross.

Best part was the cold shower at a friend's house. You know it's hot when you are still sweating after a cold shower.

Got a few comments about the red face at the retirement party. You know what? Badge of courage.

Almost done with Week 6. Tomorrow morning, I'm meeting a friend from work to help her start the Week 1 jog. She seems excited and nervous. It's great to pass along this energy and enthusiasm for an activity I never thought I would enjoy.

Anyone want to come jogging soon?

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