Sunday, June 6, 2010

20 Miles

You know, I just did the map for this walk, and realized we extended the walk a little further then I originally thought. Worked out to about 21 miles. That explains why it took longer then anticipated. Longer as in we left at 9ish and got home after 5.

The route (click the title) was basically across the city, follow the beach until you hit the ball park, then cut west. It sounds simple, takes us through areas of the City people come from all over the world to visit, and keeps us in areas with access to things like water and restrooms.

Weather was amazing. A heavy fog sat along the coast, holding in heat and humidity. The humidity I could do without, the fog was beautiful. Here's what you can imagine-walking along a dirt trail on Lands End, coming to the crest of a ridge, and getting the first glimpse of the ocean which is about 100 feet below you. Now, as you proceed down the path, you see a break in the fog along the water, and the towers from the Golden Gate Bridge emerge from the top of the cloud bank. You can see only fog, water, tower tips, and the expanding sky. It was a beautiful sight.

The distance was long, and not having a strong feeling for mileage was challenging. Of course, "you have to challenge your mind as well as your body" (thanks for that lesson, Napoleon Dynamite). Ka Yun had a hard time with the people on the pavement-Embarcadero was crowded with the tourist season underway-though pushing for a faster speed wasn't in the cards for me at that point. Stopped at Reds Java House for burgers (umm, burger) for lunch, then stretched out in Duboce Park.

A few lessons:
1. Keep drinking water and eating snakes.
2. It's ok to take a break along the way.
3. Sunscreen. Lots of it. Put it on more then once. (Areas with a sunburn: under my neck, top of my arms, nose, lip, scalp, top of the forehead.)

BIG thank you to Ka Yun for accompanying me on this trip. She didn't totally know what she was getting into, though she did a great job and didn't whine enough for me to hit her (that was the deal, after all).

End of the day: nice shower, had a few friends over to help me eat some leftovers, and I slept late-10:30 am! Now, I gotta get off for the 9ish miles to do today. Taking the shuffle for potcasts and putting on LOTS of sunscreen.

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  1. Sunscreen every 2 hours:) I'm so very proud of you!
    Precious, Grandmother, Mom