Monday, June 7, 2010

31 miles

The weekend ended on 31.8 miles total. I trust (one of the best referrals I have gotten on this quest). Other great recommendation: mint chewing gum. Pop in a piece when tired and drink some plain water while the minty freshness is in your mouth. Easy pick-me-up.

The 10 miles were a push on Sunday. My legs were feeling it-my hamstrings have been tight, and the weekend pointed that out. I can tell when I'm getting tired because my ankles turn more easily (the right one went twice, though no injury or stiffness). The muscle tone is great-I feel individual leg muscles as I walk uphill, rather then general work in the leg area. Less sun, more fog, so it was cooler and more comfotable to keep the jacket on. Due to a little confusion on the route, I ended up improvising a way home, which meant I walked through a part of the Presidio I've never walked through. Adventure!

Total walking time on the 10 miles was about 4 hours. Slower then I had been planning on, way below the 20 minute mile mark. Tiredness and stiffness contributed to that time. It means I do need to go on the daily walks to keep my endurance up. Monday-30 minute recovery stretch walk. Going to have to get some more work done to get out of work at a reasonable hour tonight!

Anyone feel like walking this week?

And if you read this far-here is the most amazing news of all. Due to a donation from my mom's friend Terri, the fundraising minimum has been met! That means that the kindness and generosity of the people in my life have helped me raise an amazing amount of money for a worthy cause! Scott-if you read this-you are not off the hook. My parents have been kind in their donations, my brothers have failed to show their financial support. So let Scott know that he needs to step up and open that wallet of his (it tends to be stuck shut when these opportunities arise). Scott, I love you. Now man up.

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