Thursday, June 24, 2010

32 Miles Means I'm nearly there!

It's hard to believe I managed 32 miles last weekend. The 22 mile day was daunting-just as difficult mentally as physically. I've not quite figured out why that is the case. Something about the distance and going solo for most of it means I get a little bored but there's more there I can't quite get my finger on. Perhaps it's the loneliness-even around people it feels somewhat isolating.

The 10 miles on Sunday was again accompanied by Charlotte, who both made it through a long weekend of walking and kept my spirits up. We took a large loop up 7th Ave. (not nearly as steep as anticipated) to the top of Glen Canyon; took Portola through West Portal and onto Sloat; passed the concert-goers for Stern Grove; hoofed down to the beach; followed the shore to Golden Gate Park; stopped off for beer and lunch at Park Chalet (because, I mean, it was beautiful and a beer sounded good); then once again up MLK to my house. That route is a nice one-mostly downhill and flat for the last 7 miles. Next time I may try the opposite direction, just to try the uphill over distance factor.

Something I'm not sure I mentioned on the last post-took a side path along the coast in the Presidio on Saturday. There's a path that drops down past one of the many batteries (ex-big gun sites) and takes one nearer the coast north of Baker Beach. Didn't really think about it at the time, but there ended up being a lot of steps. Not as many as the Dipsea, but a lot. It reminded me that 1. steps are evil and 2. if I want to try the double Dipsea this summer, I better start training on steps. There are some pretty steps in my neighborhood (see ). That's 162 stairs-going up and down 4 times should approximate the Dipsea stairs. Anyone want to join?

Took a 3.5 mile walk yesterday out in Concord. The Iron Horse Trail has the most amazing thing-it's marked every .25 mile so you know how far you have gone. The trail where I pick it up (near a school) is flat and not terribly shady, but it's quiet and there is a good bit of bike traffic, so it feels safe. A pedestrian bridge is being built over Treat by the Bart station. It's a dramatic structure, reminds me of the rib cage of a dinosaur. Sorry-no pictures currently posted online for a link.

The big walk is only 2.4 weeks away. This weekend training will be adjusted to account for a fantastic event-my best friend Kacey is getting married! She paid me the compliment of making me her Maid of Honor, so I'll be with her family all weekend, helping where I can and offering comic relief as needed. I'm so excited! This means the 10 mile walk for Saturday will take place Sunday evening when I get home, and I'll do the 5 miles on Monday. After that, it's reduced distance for the next two weeks.

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  1. I'll Dipsea with you in our weekend's work out.