Friday, June 4, 2010

For Orielle

Thursday, June 3. Only 37 days left until the walk. I'm supposed to be in the best shape so far, per the weekly emails I receive from the Avon Walk people. Since I've only done weekend walks for the past few weeks, I'm pretty sure I'm close, but can do better.

In an effort to keep the training on course, we extended today's walk. Bonus-got to walk with Orielle. She's a coworker and friend since grad school. The best thing about spending time with Orielle is the laughter. Something about our chemistry leads to us cracking each other up. As in grabbing our sides, peeing our pants funny.

We didn't make any major funnies on this trip, just some minor hilarities. What we did make is plans for the summer. A camping trip with some rafting (gotta love the ability to get away mid week), pinball day, and paddle boating on the reservoir.

We managed to complete two loops around the reservoir (5.4 miles), in a reasonable amount of time (1:41).

The cool ending to the day was going in for a haircut at the salon school and finding out the supervisor is also doing the Avon Walk! She was great to talk to (we decided we are kindred spirits) and I'm hoping to run into her at the walk.

Tomorrow-20 miles!

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  1. Yay I'm in a blog post! :) You are an excellent walk partner and I hope we get to do it again. Plus it helps that we were so productive with our summer plans :p.