Sunday, June 20, 2010

22 Miles

For some reason 22 miles seemed really far. Not much further then I had already walked, since I finished the 21 mile day a few weeks ago. 22 miles just seemed far. The high winds were a mental deterrent as well. The wind blew so hard along the Presidio that a few times I thought I would loose my footing.

It got done. Thanks to Char for meeting me at the 14th mile and getting me through to the end. One little ankle roll on Mission St.-a little stiff this morning but not too bad. We ran into some friends in the Lower Haight, and picked out pretty yellow house colors in the Upper Haight.

Total walking time: about 7 hours 34 minutes.

The new best thing to do after a long walk: a beer on the couch and some Little Britain on DVD.

Next up, 10 miles today. Then I start to taper.

Only 20 more days to the walk!

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